summer SAT prep course @ Minuteman

"The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win."
right before you take the test, review these pre-test tips

reviewtestsproblemsSAT2/Math 1
day 2 review test 1 all sections percent problems SAT2 Math 1 sample test 1
day 3 review test 2 all sections average problems SAT2 Math 1 sample test 2
functions review test 3 all sections mean/median/mode
absolute value review test 4 all sections function problems
profit-cost review test 5 all sections distance/rate/time
Important Facts test 6 all sections difficult algebra
coordinate geometry test 7 all sections general practice
special triangles test 8 all sections homework problems
straight lines SAT on-line sample test solutions homework solutions

good luck Jenna!