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Baseball cards:

2010 "Vintage Legends" are stars on cards from years they didn't play in, along with their stats for one year compared to players from the year of the card. Pretty cool.
8 fronts
2 fronts and 3 backs

a bunch of cool "reprints" from the topps 2010 update set, I think.

6 cool cards
4 more cool ones
Willie and the mick imaginary card and the back
suprisingly cool cards from the 1987 traded set
a 1957 musial that never happened.
Super cool imaginary cards from topps '08

Topps "1968" Ernie Harwell and 9 other cards from the Topps 2002 "All-Time Fan Favorites" set.

Here is the "coolest" card from each Topps set, 1951-present!

Check out my virtual 1952 Topps high series, complete with index

My newest Hero:

2000 Topps Traded Sean McGowan!

Tipton Mint Condition:

Ordinary Condition: