Sean and William’s excellent adventure

6/28/01 to 7/01/01

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Sean and William’s excellent adventure

Thursday 6-28-01 9:00am: Ready to go

College game at Doubleday field

William watching the game

William at the gates (no kidding)

William at the front entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame

William under William McGowan’s (Ump) plaque

Sean with Earl Weaver

William sitting in Wrigley field

William with his new bat (bunting) at Doubleday field

William with his new bat (swinging away) at the field

William with Elvis!

As soon as we got to the hotel in Syracuse...

Willaim catching at the hotel

William throwing at the hotel ( he missed )

6-29-01 on the way to Cleveland. A really cool pedestrian overpass to a rest area

The trucks actually shook the overpass!

The overpass from outside

As soon as we got to the hotel in Cleveland, a new injury (shin)

Then back to normal activity...

But then it was off to “the Jake”! (That is William in front)

Left field from our (high) seats

… and right field

William at our seats

William eating slush stuff

“Juan Gone” after a 2-run HR

Lofton squaring to bunt

Just a cool picture from our seats

Fireworks after the game ...

More fireworks

And more fireworks

OK, that is enough fireworks!

Left field, after the fireworks. Our seats are right behind William, 8 rows from the top.

Same shot, with flash so you can see William’s face

6-30-01 9am, one hour before the doors open at the National

Ron and Shiela Barrett - Nice dealers who let the OBC cooler and snacks be behind their table.

Spike sorting some loot

William spinning for free stuff

Clockwise from left front: Will, Ken, Tim, Kent, and Steve at the unofficial OBC table

Yes, that is a ferris wheel, inside!

Bob, Ken, Tim, Doug, Kent, and Ron. (William took this)

Sean with the ‘54 Sain and Desling that completed his set! (Bob S. on your right)

Sean, Bob S., Bob R., and Ken (Photo by “steady” Will)

Just a shot of the show. This building was originally a tank manufacturing facility!

Steve and Terry, ‘nuf said!

Kent, Stan Hack, Bret, Mike R., Ken, and Doug at the “Swap”

And Spike, Tim, Bob, Terry, and Ron Perry

Bret gives Sean a ‘51 “blue back”

Swap attendance list

Random old guys (except William) with food, beer (except William), and baseball cards.

Casual swapping

Ask Spike. I just took the picture.

I had to put this one in! :)

Back: Tim, Ron, Doug, Spike, Terry, Kent, Sean Front: Steve, Mike, Ken, Bob, Stan Hack, Bret (Photo by William)

Back: Tim, Ron, Doug, Spike, Terry, Kent, Sean Front: Ken, Mike, Bob, Will, Stan Hack, Bret (Photo by Steve)

Some of my haul from the show and swap session

7-01-01: After 11+ hours of driving, just minutes from home: A cosmic signature for the trip!

Author: Sean McGowan