Bedford High School (ma) Soccer Coaches, past and present!

The year is 1978 and it is long before I was coaching anything except little league baseball, George was the JV coach at Bedford High (Mass.) and Dave was the Varsity coach, and all was good.

George did such a good job, that the nice people at Bishop Guertin (Nashua, NH) wanted him to be the Varsity coach there. So, George takes the job at BG, and Dave has to get a new JV coach

The year is 1981 and I have just graduated from Merrimack College and I get a teaching job at Bishop Guertin. George thinks I would make a great freshman coach, so after a year of just helping out, I am hired to coach the freshman.

The job at BG was nice, but after a couple seasons, the nice people at North Andover High (Mass) want me to coach the JV team there. It is a step up, so I say good bye to George and I'm off to North Andover. I coach a few years there and then make the big jump to D2 at UMassLowell where I coach for 6 years, but I eventually have to leave because I need to spend more time with my young family.

now it starts to get funny...

The year is 1992 and guess who the nice people at Lowell hire to replace me? Yup, George. I even got to help with the interview. So the circle is complete, right? Not even close!

The year is 1994 and I get a teaching job at Bedford High school and start coaching the Middle School Girls. After 4 years I move to the Freshman Boys team and who do you suppose is the varsity coach...Yup, still Dave! Wait, it still gets better!

While all this was going on, George had moved on from Lowell and was coaching the JV Boys for Tyngsboro High (Mass). Big deal right? Well, Will (JV coach for Bedford) had to be away on Columbus Day weekend 2000 and I had to take his place as the JV coach for the 2 games that weekend, and you have probably figured out by now that I walk on the field and meet my opposing coach, George!.

I was beside myself! This was just too cool! I got to go head-to-head with George to really bring this silly thing full circle. The only thing that would have been better is if it was actualy my team that I was coaching and if it could have been a better game. The teams were not well matched, and although both played well, the final score was lopsided. Still, it is just a wild sort of "small world" stroy, isn't it?

just as a "PS", Tyngsboro and Bedford met in the D3 state tournament, so George and I were right back on the same field together (in the capacity of assistants) just 4 weeks later. Lightning strikes twice.