OBC - New England Swap Session at Sean's

Doug Smith (Tx), Jim Hatch (NH), and Ken Morganti (Ma), all showed up at my place in Andover, with baseball cards! So, I had to feed them. Fortunately, Jim brought some soda to wash down the burgers, dogs, and fries I "cooked". I think everyone is still ok! Pictured here Jim and Ken are competing to see who can get the most hits on Doug's '71 list. I had to be very quiet, because each time I tried to talk to Jim, Ken would flip the card that Doug called out before Jim could! It was pretty funny. I got first crack at the list because I was host! Doug's list is considerably shorter now :) In case you are wondering, the dog (Mackie) only got a few of the '71's.

In spite of my tough list, I still came away with some '56's from the dealer scum, and a '51 from Doug, and a '33 from Jim. The '51 and '33 are in my hand in the picture at the right. Doug (seated with me) and Ken and Jim are all holding soon-to-be very valuable Sean McGowan (Giants) rookie cards! I was able to spare them, and still keep my total well over 300 :).

Over all, except for the New Jersey Devils win, it was a perfect evening. Thanks guys, and thanks OBC! This group continues to be the best thing a hobby could be!